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Music Video Challenge

For this challenge we want to see you get creative by creating a music video!


BUT FIRST, we need the music for this challenge and that's where we need your help!

Music Call Out!

We need you!.png

Submissions for music are open from May 5th to May 31st.


We are looking for three (3) pieces of music to be used as a base for our upcoming music video challenge.

The guidelines for the music can be seen below. 

Ideally your music piece: 

  • Will be 2-4 minutes long

  • Can be any genre of music

  • Can be with or without lyrics


If you submit music for this call out and your song is selected you:

  • Agree for us to use your music as part of our music video challenge

  • Will give us a copy of your song for people taking part in the music video competition to download and use

  • Agree to attend the film challenge screening and judge all of the music videos created for your song and determine the Best Music Video for your song

  • The music video determined by you will be the official music video for your song

  • Agree for the official music video for your song to be published on Newcastle Film Club's YouTube Channel

Why submit a song?

  • Get a free music video (and most likely multiple versions) created based on your music

  • Become part of a creative community making unique and interesting videos

  • Your YouTube channel and links to music will be shared across NFC's 500+ audience on YouTube and 2k+ following on Social Media


If you have a piece of music you would like to submit, for consideration, please send a link to download your music to by 23:59 of May 31st. 

Our Leadership Team will listen to all submissions and choose the top 3 we think would make the best choices for this challenge. 

Challenge Rules 

DATES: June 9th - July 24th 


  • Come back on June 9th when this challenge launches to see the full list of rules for this challenge. 


Film Challenge Prizes

Awards for this challenge:

  • Come back after June 9th to see a full list of prizes for this challenge

  • As a teaser, we'll have the following categories you could win:

    • Best Overall Music Video (Audience Vote)​

    • Best of Music Video #1 (Decided by Musician of the song)

    • Best of Music Video #2 (Decided by Musician of the song)

    • Best of Music Video #3 (Decided by Musician of the song)

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