North East Omens Society


Kathy navigates her way around the new world of being a banshee.


Kathy, recently deceased, feels alone in her new role as a banshee in Newcastle Upon Tyne. She is newly part of the NORTH EAST OMENS SOCIETY (NEOS). A society full of mish-mash characters and creatures who are dealt tasks by the Bad Hand of Fate. Kathy tries to fill the void of missing her family and friends by arranging to go on a date with a mortal. However, her date is jeopardized by the Black Dog, a scabby dog shape shifter, who has been tasked to kill Kathy’s tinder match. In the end, Kathy reaslises her true family is now the NEOS, who welcome her as one of their own.


Applications close: April 8th, 2020


The North East Omens Society is made up of a mish-mash of characters and creatures.

Hover over the cards below to read about some of the members.


A freshly turned banshee-
Undead Geordie girl.
Is she a corpse or a ‘solid’ ghost? Her job is to bring death to people marked by the Bad Hand.

Her Ladyship

The founder and governess of the North East Omens Society. A powerful demoness – but no-one knows exactly what type of creature she is.

Robbie Skilton / AKA Cauld Lad of Hylton

Robbie is a decapitated ghost
(his head and body can separate). Forgetful and lazy
but has a mischievous side. Always cold so wears heavy
coats,hat and gloves etc

The Bad Hand of Fate

A disembodied hand that
distributes orders to our character to instruct them on which human needs bad luck/death. The hand is a physical manifestation of negative luck and the chaos of our universe.

The Black Dog

He’s scruffy and has questionable (non-existent) hygiene. He’s all of the bad
canine-characteristics you
can think of. As a Barghest/Guytrash his job is to delay travel/bring death.