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Shorts Anthology


An anthology of stories discussing some of the dilemas and challenges faced daily by mothers. In the North East Mam is the most common term used to describe a mother, the Mam's in this project tackle issues such as domestic abuse, loneliness and division of domestic labour.

“I reached out to Newcastle Film Club via social media and they recommended I posted on their Members HUB that I needed help and from there, cast, crew & kit started to come together!"

Laura Lee Daly,


Mam Shorts Anthology Series

Shots from the film

The Production Process

Written and produced by local women's rights activist Laura Lee Daly, Mam (shorts) is underway, with the help of Newcastle Film Club she has brought together some of the North's most enthusiastic and up coming talent to undertake the project. 
They have used NFC equipment such as the smoke machine, sound equipment and lighting to help make bringing the look of these shorts together.


A North East Premiere is being planned for those involved as well as its submission to numerous festivals. 

Great job everyone!

Can't wait to see the films for this project!
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