Filmmaking Resources

Filmmaking is for everyone and because of that, we have created this resource page. Simply click the image to see valuable resources that will help you in your filmmaking journey.

We are constantly updating this page so check back often and if there's any resources you'd like to see here, email us and let us know!

Pitch Day

Find out more about Pitch Day, from what you need to include, how it all works, and much more! 

Who does what on set?

ScreenSkills has a great database of TV & Film job profiles to help you learn who does what on set.


This is handy if you want to explore all the roles this industry has to offer!

Digital Filmmaking News

For our tech people - if you want more information on what's the latest camera in the film industry CineD is the page to check out! 

Film and TV News

Empire is the largest news site for all things film and TV. Here you'll find recent stories, interviews with big industry names, opinion pieces and reviews on new releases.

Online Film, TV, and more Database

IMDb is a website that features actor and crew bio, plot summaries, ratings, and fan and critical reviews of movies, tv shows, and video games.