Newcastle Film Club Pitch Day

What is Pitch Day?

Pitch Day is a meeting day dedicated to hearing short film pitches from the members of Newcastle Film Club and voting on the short film idea that we want to make as the next NFC Official Short Film.

How does Pitch Day work?

Show up to the Pitch Day meeting with your short film idea. We will sit in a circle and go around to each person that wants to pitch their short film. Each person pitching will have up to 5 minutes to share their idea and another 5 minutes for the club members to ask additional questions. Once all pitches have been given we will vote on which short film we would like to make as the NFC Official.

What should my pitch include?

Tell us a brief summary of what your film is about. Who is the Main Character? What is the Setting? What is the Goal? What is the Conflict? How does it End? Your pitch should leave us wanting to know more. 

What guidelines should I follow when creating my short film?

If you pitch a short film idea please follow these guidelines:

  • Film Run Time: 10 Minutes 

    • Your film should be able to be told in around 10 minutes start to finish​

    • We say 10 minutes but it can be a few minutes more or less but goal is to keep it around 10!

  • Have strong characters (1-3 characters is ideal)

    • Main Characters in your pitch should be thought out enough for NFC members to ask more questions about them​ during the Q&A session of your pitch

    • We recommend a small cast of 1-3 characters so it's easier to coordinate with cast and crew. We hope to remove this limit as we make more films. 

  • Have a limited number of locations

    • If your film involves traveling to another country - sorry, but no can do​

    • We want to be able to film in the Newcastle and surrounding areas which will give our members the most available chance to participate in filming

  • Avoid Difficult Elements

    • Heavy special effects, animals, and children can make it harder for us to get your film done right so we advise that your film refrain from using these things or if they are needed, do so minimally​

  • Subjects to avoid

    • Films that include sexual elements, heavy language and ​gory violence can be great, but not what we're looking to produce

Don't know if your film meets our guidelines? Send us an email with your questions/concerns and we'll let you know!

Do I need to sign up to pitch?

Yes, please fill out this form in order to pitch your film or send an email to telling us your name, title of your film, and a brief summary / logline of your film.


We will give priority pitching for those that fill out the form (meaning those that sign up will have a designated slot to pitch their film on the day), whereas if you show up on the day and decide you want to pitch, you still can but it will be towards the end of the pitches and if we're running over on time, you may not be able to pitch at all.


So even if you're unsure about pitching, still submit a form/send an email so we can ensure you have the opportunity to pitch!

What happens if my short film pitch is selected?

If your film gets the most votes from NFC members during pitch day - Congratulations! Newcastle Film Club leadership will work with you to produce your film and provide a budget of £1000. 

What happens if my short film pitch is not selected?

If your film is not selected to be a NFC Official do not get discouraged! We want to see your film get made. We'll help you develop your idea, get connected with other members of NFC and find people who will help make your film. 

Where will the NFC Official Short Film be seen?

NFC leadership plans to host an NFC Screening twice a year showcasing the work NFC members have produced in the past few months as well as screen the NFC Official Film. In addition to the screening, NFC leadership will work with you to submit your film to festivals for further exposure.