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Newcastle Film Club 2024 Pitch Day

What is Pitch Day?

Pitch Day is a meeting day dedicated to hearing short film pitches from the members of Newcastle Film Club and voting on the short film idea that we want to make as the next NFC Official Short Film.

How does Pitch Day work?

Those who have submitted their pitch prior to pitch day will be assigned a number which is the order they’ll pitch on the day. Each person will get up and present their film idea. They will have up to 3 minutes to share their idea and another 5 minutes for the club members to ask additional questions. Once all pitches have been given we will vote on which short film we would like to make as the NFC Official.

What should my pitch include?

Tell us a brief summary of what your film is about. Who is the Main Character(s)? What is the Setting? What is the Goal? What is the Conflict? How does it End? Your pitch should leave us wanting to know more. 

What guidelines should I follow when creating my short film?

If you pitch a short film idea please follow these guidelines:

  • Film Run Time: 10 Minutes 

    • Your film should be able to be told in around 10 minutes start to finish​

    • We say 10 minutes but it can be a few minutes more or less but goal is to keep it around 10!

  • Have strong characters - Maximum of 3 Characters

    • Main Characters in your pitch should be thought out enough for NFC members to ask more questions about them​ during the Q&A session of your pitch

    • Your script should include a small cast of no more than 3 characters so it's easier to coordinate with the cast and crew. We hope to remove this limit as we receive more funding for the work we do.

  • Have a limited number of locations - Maximum of 2 Locations

    • If your film involves traveling to another country - sorry, but no can do​

    • We want to be able to film in the Newcastle and surrounding areas which will give our members the most available chance to participate in filming. Please write your script with this in mind and if you have connections with places that match what you're envisioning, even better!

  • Avoid Difficult Elements

    • Heavy special effects, animals, and children can make it harder for us to get the film done right so we advise that your film refrain from using these things.​

  • Subjects to avoid

    • Films that include sexual elements, heavy language and ​gory violence can be great, but not what we're looking to produce.

Don't know if your film meets our guidelines? Send us an email with your questions/concerns and we'll let you know!

Do I need to sign up to pitch?

Yes, please fill out this form in order to pitch your film or send an email to telling us your name, title of your film, and a brief summary / logline of your film if the form is not working.

Do I need to send a copy of my script?

Yes. This year we are asking you to send a draft of your script so that we can check it to make sure it meets our guidelines before pitch day.


Your script does not have to be formatted a specific way (especially if you’ve never written a script before) but it must be sent as a PDF document. 


So long as we can read it and understand the characters, story and locations that your story takes place, that’s all we need.

Can I pitch more than one film idea?

Because we want to make sure everyone is heard, you will only be able to pitch one film to start. You are allowed to submit more than one film to pitch, however, please note we’ll ask you to choose which film you’d like to pitch first and if we have enough time at the end, we’ll go through people who have a second film to pitch. Pitch your strongest film first!

What happens if my short film pitch is selected?

If your film gets the most votes from NFC members during pitch day - Congratulations! Newcastle Film Club leadership will work with you to produce your film and provide a budget of £1000. 

What happens if my short film pitch is not selected?

If your film is not selected to be a NFC Official do not get discouraged! We want to see your film get made. We'll help you develop your idea, get connected with other members of NFC and find people who will help make your film. 

Where will the NFC Official Short Film be seen?

NFC will host a cast and crew screening of the film once it has been completed. In addition to the screening, NFC leadership will work with you to submit the film to festivals for further exposure. Once the film has done its festival run, it will be released onto NFC’s YouTube channel if no other distribution deal has been created. 

  • I am just a beginner, is this the group for me?
    Yes! We welcome all levels from beginner to professional filmmakers.
  • How can I get involved with the group?
    The best way to get involved is to show up to our events and meet other filmmakers/creatives. This is a great way to make professional connections as well as friendships. To keep up with our events we post all of our events on our website events page. In addition to this, we post through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and over on our Members HUB.
  • Will I get the chance to make a film if I join this group?
    Yes! We offer up more than one opportunity to make films. Several times per year we Film Challenges alongside our official short film that we make as a club. We aim to screen members work at our annual premiere/film festival.
  • I'm still in school, can I join this group?
    Yes! Whether you're in college or university, we welcome you to join us. As part of our organisation's constitution we do request those 14-17 years old to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to all NFC events.
  • Is there a membership fee?
    Nope! It's free for you to join and get involved. If you find value out of the club and want to support the work we do while getting a whole lot of awesome perks, we do have a membership option available, but it's not necessary to take part in anything we do!
  • How often do we meet?
    We meet about 2 times a month. Be sure to sign up to our Members HUB or follow us on social media to know when and where we meet.
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