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Reels Challenge

Join us over on Instagram and take part in our Reels Film Challenge!

 We’ll give you a theme at the start of the month and you’ll create a short Instagram Reel video based on that theme. Submit your video via Instagram Reels, tag @FilminNewcastle, and cast your vote within NFC's stories as the films go head to head until one reel emerges victorious and wins!

LENGTH OF FILMS: 60 seconds or less


  • Superhero Intro - March 10th - April 8th, 2024 | Create a reel introducing a superhero, made up or existing

  • Dry Hard with a Vengeance - Film yourself doing chores but make it action packed! | July 30 - August 18, 2023

  • Whey Aye-nderson - June 11th - 1st July, 2023 | Create a reel about Newcastle...but in the style of Wes Anderson. 

  • Horror Mashup - Take a horror genre character (or one you create) and put them into a different film genre | May 8th - 28th, 2023

  • Film yourself Making Toast but in a Film Noir Style | March 14th - April 16th, 2023

Reels Challenge Prizes

Winner as voted on by our followers receive:

  • Reposted to our Instagram and Facebook pages

  • Added to featured highlights on IG page

  • Newcastle film club goody bag

  • IG Reels shiny trophy

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