About Us

Our Mission

Lead a united front for the development of film and expansion of opportunities for filmmakers in the city of Newcastle.

Our Belief

We believe that every great film begins with a great story and a desire to collaborate with a group of creatives to make that story come to life. Newcastle Film Club is a space where filmmakers of any experience level can come and connect with one another to create content they are passionate about.

Meet The Team

Samantha Castro-Leddy

Founder / President

After moving to Newcastle in 2019, Samantha wanted to find a group of filmmakers to collaborate with. When she couldn't find a group, she decided to make one. Samantha has worked on feature films, short films, documentaries and factual TV for BBC Two, Channel 4, and Channel 5. Her most recent credits include Transcriber on Louis Theroux's 'Forbidden America' and Location Assistant / DIT for Series 2 of 'Kate Humble's Coastal Britain'. Samantha aspires to work as EPK for high end TV & Film.


Ariadne Vessaoker

PR Manager

Having experience in multiple production roles, Ariadne's passions are in directing and producing. She made her directorial debut with NFC’s ‘A Letter to Elizabeth’ which was nominated for an RTS award.

She is a creative artist who loves finding solutions to any difficult situation and is not afraid to take charge. Ariadne’s goal is make art out of ideas and would love to help make anyone’s project into reality.