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About Us

Our Mission

Lead a united front for the development of community filmmaking and expansion of opportunities for filmmakers in the city of Newcastle.

Our Belief

We believe that every great film begins with a great story and a desire to collaborate with a group of creatives to make that story come to life. Newcastle Film Club is a space where filmmakers of any experience level can come and connect with one another to create content they are passionate about.

Our Constitution

As a community organisation we have created a guiding document that drives us forward.

NFC Members are...


Find other filmmakers to collaborate with or crew for your next project. Join NFC!


Every film needs actors. If you're looking to add to your reel, join NFC today.


Every story has a writer. If you write and want to see your script come to life, join NFC today.


Do you have an idea for an animated short film? Join NFC and make your film!

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