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The Shedding

2024 Pitch Day Winning Film, "The Shedding" is written by Paul Doherty. 

Newcastle Film Club is proud to produce this film with our members.

Learn more about the film and how you can get involved below.


'The Shedding' is a comedy horror short film about a man’s attempt to get his girlfriend back by fixing his slobbish ways is complicated by the presence of his cat’s increasingly large clumps of shedded fur in his apartment.

The Shedding_Header_04.jpg


Have a look back at pitch day where this film idea was pitched and selected. Hear from Paul as he tells you about the film and what he's looking forward to!

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Each year we produce a film so people can gain experience, volunteer, meet new friends and grow their skills in filmmaking. 

We'll be announcing more details about how you can get involved in this year's film in the coming months.

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