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Blueprint Film Challenge

For this challenge everyone was given the same script to work from and interpret as they wish to go and make a film! Watch the winning film below directed by Alex Challies and watch all of the films made for this challenge on our Blueprint 2024 Film Challenge Playlist

Challenge Rules 

Blueprint challenge script: Read here, Untitled by Alastair Railton 


LENGTH OF FILM: 5 minutes or less 

DATES: Feb. 25th-April 5th 


  • You must use the blueprint challenge script as the script for your film

  • So that we know you made this film for the challenge you will need to take a BTS photos of you / team and show us you were filming during the challenge timeline

    • This could be with a phone with date on it, with a newspaper with date on it, etc. 

    • You can upload these BTS photos to our Members HUB

    • You can upload these BTS photos to social media but you must tag Newcastle Film Club 

  • Somewhere within your credit sequence please include the line 'Made as part of Newcastle Film Club 2024 Blueprint Short Film Challenge


Film Challenge Prizes

First Place: 'Cyber Scheme Attic' by Alex Challies

  • One years' subscription to BFI Film Player 

  • Screen writing book 'Anatomy of Story'  

  • NFC branded mug 

  • Winning Film Uploaded to NFC's YouTube channel

  • Shoutout on NFC's social medias

  • Framed Certificate from NFC

Second Place: 'Teef' by Duncan Falconer

  • Clapper board 

  • Storyboard Notebook 

  • NFC Branded Notebook

  • Shoutout on NFC's social medias

  • Framed Certificate from NFC

Third Place: 'A Season Story' by John & Sarah Seymour

  • NFC Branded Notebook

  • Shoutout on NFC's social medias

  • Framed Certificate from NFC

Writers Call Out!


Thank you to everybody who submitted a script for this challenge. We had over 10 submissions. The runner up film script was by John Seymour. His script was 'A time and a place', read here


The rules for the scripts can be seen below. 


Ideally your script: 

  • Will be 3 pages or less

  • Require 0 - 2 characters

  • Can be interpreted in multiple genres (ie. could work as a horror film, a comedy film, a drama, etc.


And just so we know you wrote it specifically for this challenge...


Your script will need to include 

  • The Line: "There's a time and a place for that, this is neither"

  • Prop: A stuffed toy


All scripts that were submitted for this challenge were anonymised for the leadership team to choose the winning script, which is now being used in the Blueprint Challenge. With runner up script being recognised on our social media channels and receive a NFC Laurel. 

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