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Poster Competition

For this competition we asked our community to create a film poster for our short film 'Nails'. The poster needed to represent the film's premise and get people excited to watch the film.


Newcastle Film Club provided the assets and pictures from the film that you could use in your final poster design. Scroll down to see all of the submissions for this challenge.

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Matthew Hammond for his winning poster design which will now go on to represent the film as it does its festival run.

Follow Matthew on Instagram here

MatthewHammond_NFC Nails Poster.jpg


Each poster needs to include:

  • Title of the film

  • List of credits (list provided)

  • Newcastle Film Club logo (variations of the logo provided)


You can:

  • Use any or none of the assets provided to you

  • Use poster templates found online

  • Draw your poster (digitally or traditionally)

  • Read the film script to help you create your design

  • Design a vertical or horizontal poster

  • Email with any clarifying questions about the film or your design at any time

  • Collaborate with others for help on your design


We recommend:

  • You do not give away any major plot points of the film

  • Make it as stylised and/or unique as you want it to be 

  • Have FUN!



  • Their poster design as the official poster design for the film and shared alongside the film during its film festival run

  • A personal shout out on all Newcastle Film Club Social media accounts along with the winning poster design

  • A credit in the film (credit: ‘Official Poster Design by’)

  • Free tickets to the VIP night for the screening of the Best NE films at Tees Valley International Film Festival


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