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'The Island'
Credit Sequence Collaboration

Hey there! Thanks for wanting to participate in creating the post credit sequence for our short film ‘The Island’. 

‘The Island’ is about a man, Robin, who has to learn survival skills to cope on an island, but not everything is as it seems. We envision the credit sequence being filled with rough sketches / drawings Robin did while on the island. 

Here’s an example of what we’re hoping to achieve. This is a self portrait of Robin. The drawing is a rough sketch and gives you an idea that he could have drawn this on a scrap piece of paper. 

Drawing by Sid Purvis


Here are some ideas of scenes that could be drawn for the post credit sequence. You can choose to draw one, or all, if you want! You can even choose to create your own prompt. We’d love to see what your imagination comes up with. 

For specific details like what Robin looks like, the shelter, etc. take a look through our BTS photos.


  • Newspaper clipping(s) of Robin as a missing person

  • Drawings of Crew BTS Photos

  • A flock of seagulls circling around Robin as he sits in his camp

  • Leaves falling down like it’s autumn

  • Robin reading the book ‘Castaway’ or something similar in his shelter

  • Animals finding the shelter

  • Robin fanning himself with leaves

  • Homage to the film 'Castaway'

  • Robin creating or looking a finger puppet of a seagull’s head

  • Ghost of Steven the bird watching Robin at the fire

  • Polaroid drawings of Robin’s family


The deadline to submit your drawing(s) is midnight of October 26th, 2022.


Drawings / Sketches can be done traditionally (with pencil & paper) or done digitally. If you submit a picture of a traditional drawing we will digitize it so that we can scale it up / match it to the black and white style. 

Example: Traditional Drawing to Digital Drawing

Drawing to Digital.PNG

If you do your sketch digitally, please send through a PNG version of your art. All sketches will be white on black as seen above. 

There are two ways to submit your drawing(s):

  1. Send your drawing to

  2. Upload your drawing to Instagram, tag us @FilminNewcastle and use the hashtag #TheIslandShortFilm in the photo description

If uploading a traditional piece of art, please make sure your picture is in focus and we can see the details of your drawing clearly. 


Newcastle Film Club members will choose the drawings we like the most and put them into the final credit sequence. We’ll need at least 13 illustrations and the more options the better! 

We will credit everyone who’s drawing ends up in the final sequence.

All drawings created as part of this collaboration will be shared collectively on the Newcastle Film Club website and social media accounts for people to view your work. 

By submitting your drawing you give Newcastle Film Club permission to use your work and name as part of marketing for this film and agree you will not receive any monetary compensation for work completed as part of this collaboration. 


If you have any questions about this project, reach out to us at 

Credit Example - Den.png
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