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The NFC Newsletter

In July of 2023, our email list exceeded 200+ people (which is great!) but also meant that we had to upgrade our website subscription in order to be able to send emails out to everyone. 


Instead of using our funds to do that, we made the decision to retire our monthly newsletter and replace it with weekly newsletters that are customised to you and don't cost us anything to send out!


We invite you to join our Members HUB App and join the channels that interest you! You'll automatically be signed up for weekly newsletters which will recap what's been added by you and other members of the app. It's an easier way for us to keep you updated and we hope you like it! 


The NEW Newsletter

  • Free to sign up

  • Available on all devices

  • Build your own profile

  • Connect with other members

  • Newsletter sent to your inbox and customised to your preferences!

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